Farmfront On Air, Episode 1


Welcome to Farmfront On Air, a food and agriculture podcast, bringing you a diverse set of stories from those facing hardship in agriculture, moms and dads feeling food insecure due to COVID-19, innovators revitalizing the small town grocery store, Veterans and rural economic development.
We’ve been hearing and connecting with farmers and food consumers from many places affected by the pandemic and other tough economic situations. To make sure other people know about them, we decided the best way was to bring their voices straight to your ears with this agriculture podcast. In the coming weeks we’ll be talking to small town innovators, veterans rooting their new civilian life in farming, and food advocates who see major gaps in America’s food security.
Board members Elizabeth (Liz) Nyman and Jenny Schweigert begin drawing the roadmap to what promises to be an adventure in the world of agriculture podcasts. Our doors, DM’s & Inboxes are open and waiting for your stories.




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