Farmfront’s mission is to support agricultural economic development in Illinois, Missouri, and Kentucky. 

We support agricultural economic development through three pillars including helping transitioning veterans into agriculture, helping new and transitioning farmers, and spreading thoughtful ideas on the future of agriculture and what that could look like. 


Veterans in Transition

1. Create networks and connections for veterans into the local agricultural world through farm field days, Q&A’s with local farmers, and introductions within our network.

2. Help place veterans in local agricultural jobs in Illinois, Missouri, and Kentucky to help them gain experience and knowledge (farm hands, apprenticeships, etc.).

3. Have local farm incubators where transitioning vets can begin their farming career.


New & Beginning Farmers

1. Promote opportunities including mentorships and grants from other organizations based in Illinois, Missouri, and Kentucky for those wanting to pursue agriculture.

2. Build partnerships to apply for grant opportunities together 

3. Raise money to give grants to farmers who are trying to add value to the local economy through agriculture.


Agricultural Ideators

Provide a platform for discussions around new ideas in agriculture, how it is changing, and issues effecting those involved.