About Us

Farmfront is a new organization in Greene County that wants to help develop a resilient and adaptable community by bringing food farming jobs into the area for both veterans and their surrounding communities.

While we are aimed at becoming a nonprofit, we still believe is shooting for bottom lines. These determine our success and tell us how useful we are to others. If we cannot be useful, then we will change what we must to correct our course.

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Bottom Line 1: Great Community
Community is our most important competitive edge. Our organization is sustained by mission-focused colleagues and patrons who spend money on our products. The patron’s trust in our work fuels their desire to support our products. Our colleagues’ commitment means we give patrons a reason to trust in our work. Consequently, they are never an interruption and neither are our colleagues. Without this community, there would be no Farmfront.
Bottom Line 2: Great Products and Services
At Farmfront, we are committed to cultivating and providing high quality products. Every person in Farmfront learns everything they can about their skills and seeks out ways to improve them. The people in Farmfront are the best by ceaselessly seeking to best themselves.
Bottom Line 3: Great Finance
Farmfront is an open book management organization. This means we actively share the financial performance of the organization with everyone. Profit and loss statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements and operation reports are all part of our expected regular reading routines for everyone in Farmfront.

Our Farm Headquarters

Learn more about the Surbeck Family and their role with us here.

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What We’re Tackling

We believe in specific projects to achieve our greater goals. Learn more about them at this link.

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How We’re Tackling it

There’s what you do and then there’s how you do it. That’s what this page is for.

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