Instructor Positions and How They Compare

TitleEducational Video InstructorFull Course Instructor
DutiesProduce and edit an online instructional video mini course along with any accompanying materials. No live instruction or Q&A is required.Online instructional video and any accompanying materials. No live instruction or Q&A is required.
Compensation60% share for every course enrollee70% share for every course enrollee
Content ExamplesHow Maple Syrup is Made by the Stoney Ridge Farmer: of Succulents — Cold Hardy and Soft Succulents by Succulents and Sunshine: Beekeeping Classes from Girl Next Door Honey: Urban Farming Class by The Urban Farmer

For both positions, we are looking for the same sorts of competencies. All instructors will have direct relationships with the Farmfront Board.

TitleBoth Educational Video Instructor and Full Course Instructor
Required Skills and CompetenciesAn eagerness to learn and teach, formal training or demonstrable skills in fields including but not limited to agritourism for consumers, agritourism for farms, aquaponics, backyard food cultivation, beekeeping, biofuels (pennycress, corn stover, etc.), cover crops, customer supported agriculture, farm management, farm product marketing, farmers markets for consumers, farmers markets for farms, finding local food for consumers, flower farming, food hubs, food labels and regulations in America for farmers and consumers, food systems and logistics, greenhouses, hydroponics, indoor plant care, land conserving agricultural practices, livestock management, orchard management, permaculture, producing fiber for textiles, starting a farm as a first generation farmer, urban farming, value-added farm products (jams, jerky, dried herbs, etc), vegetable farming, vineyard management
Desired Skills and CompetenciesPrevious experience in teaching either in person or online, previous experience working with Learndash, previous experience producing and editing videos and creating various online content
RelationshipsDirectly communicates with the head of the Farmfront Board for administrative updates and processes as well as any enrollees as required while the course is available
Instructions for ApplicationSend an email introducing yourself, your relevant background, and a course proposal to

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