Farmfront’s Agriculture Brain Trust

Farmfront’s Brain Trust is a curated network bringing veterans and experts together to guide vets into agricultural careers and understand the unique business challenges they face.

Our network will guide veterans through the problems and questions they have as they transition into agriculture entrepreneurship.

If you would like to be a part of our network, we encourage you to check out our Mentor and Mentee Portals. YOU NEED NOT BE A VETERAN TO JOIN.

Benefits of Our Community

  • Fully Online via email and Zoom
  • Mentors and Mentees work together on THEIR time
  • You never tackle challenges alone
  • All volunteers work on problems in agriculture together because that is what we enjoy.

When Mentees Become Mentors

Bill Brandon and Industrial Ecosystems Partners

Sometimes we work with people who want to work with vets even if they aren’t vets themselves. Yep! We want to work with those folks too! Bill Brandon, President of Industrial Ecosystems Partners (, is such a person. He reached out to Farmfront wanting to reach his DC-based business into Midwestern farm country. With no contacts or guidance on navigating rural real estate, he found himself with a notable obstacle.

Since working with Bill, Farmfront’s network found him political, legal, and real estate contacts. This has allowed IEP to access property and begin to build their first research site in Roodhouse, Illinois. Now Bill is an advisor for our board and resident expert on Controlled Environment Agriculture tech and carbon credits .