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By using Farmfront Learn, you agree to follow these rules and guidelines. These guidelines are meant to help our community grow and stay healthy. Note that these rules don’t cover everything in our  Terms of Use , which always apply.

be respectful

These rules are for the safety and comfort of everyone. Breaking them is not tolerated and will result in your account being restricted for a number of days or completely removed:

  • Personal attacks, harassment, and personal threats are not allowed on Farmfront Learn .
    • The following actions constitute personal attacks:Racial, sexual, homophobic, ageist, ableist, sexist, religious, political, ethnic, or other epithets directed against another user.Accusations about the private behavior of another member.

      Threats, including threats of legal action, made on the forums or via private message. Threats of violence or negative actions to be taken off-Farmfront Learn are not tolerated.

    • The following actions constitute harassment:Repeatedly using project or stash comments, forum posts, or private messages to harass, threaten or insult other users.

      Repeatedly linking to the Farmfront Learn posts of a user or offsite blog posts or information with the intent to insult or ridicule.

  • Hate speech and hateful imagery is not permitted on Farmfront Learn.
    • Hate Speech and Hateful Imagery Words, phrases, or images deemed by Farmfront Learn’s owners to express, either deliberately or unknowingly, hatred or contempt towards a group of people, based on areas such as their ethnic, cultural, religious or sexual identity, gender, socio-economic class, or with reference to physical health or mental health, are not allowed.
  • Respect the privacy of others. Do not post the contents of private correspondence or private information about other Farmfront Learn members without permission. You may not link to off-site privacy violations.

harmful content

  • Spreading of harmful advice, hoaxes, or other disinformation is unacceptable.
  • Reviews and criticism that are genuine are always welcome. At the same time, if we suspect that you are trying to leverage the site for the purpose of harming a business or person, your posts will be deleted and your posting privileges may be affected.

farmfront learners are all ages

  • No adult language in avatars or usernames.
  • Nudity or graphic violence in avatars or other photos is not permitted.

don’t spam

  • Unsolicited promotional private messages are spam.
  • Posting the same message to more than 2 boards without permission from the moderators is not permitted. Unreasonable crossposting is considered spam.

deceptive accounts

  • “Sock puppet” accounts are not permitted and using one will affect your primary Farmfront Learn account. A sock puppet is an additional Farmfront Learn account that is used in a deceptive fashion. 
    • Some examples of deceptive accounts:Inappropriate uses of alternative accounts
      Posting in a forum in conjunction with another account in order to deceive, affect public opinion, etc
      Posting about a business or entity that you are affiliated without disclosing that relationship
      Impersonating another person in the fiber community (on or off of the site)Appropriate uses of alternative accounts
      Privacy – sometimes users may wish to have some or all of their group/forum posts separate from their other uses of Farmfront Learn
      Separation of work and personal use of Farmfront Learn
      Reserving the name for your brand or business name.