How We Help

For more information on our aspirations and goals, please check out our Mission page. We are a small team and welcome new board members and volunteers who want to see specific project manifest.


If you are a veteran in Central Illinois, the St. Louis metro area, and Western Kentucky and want to get into farming now, we encourage you to contact us. Our board has a network in these areas in the farming communities here. Ask us if we can help you!

More Information to Come

New and Beginning Farmers

Our board doubles as Farm Community Advocates in our local farming communities. In particular, we’ve been helping install new farming businesses in western Illinois and western Kentucky. If you want to expand your network and explore doing business in these areas, we encourage you to contact us.

Learn About Erick’s Story

Agriculture Ideators

On our platforms, we want to talk about the stories from people and organizations around the world with unique and educational perspectives on agriculture and veterans.

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